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Let's Catch Up

Hi everyone,

My conventions for this year have come and past and while it was only two, they were back to back and I kept pretty busy.

Planet Comicon Kansas City was the first to come and go. This was the first convention I've done that didn't have a theme to it. This allowed me to show off some other pieces of artwork that I refreshed and have not offered before. I was set up for one table however the neighboring table occupant did not show so I was allowed to expand past one 6 foot table to now have 12 feet of table. I used one for a station to sell prints and the other was a station where I was doing commissions. I had a few small scale commissions on sketch cards and then had a few full scale commissions; a lot of Orko from Masters of the Universe, Kylo Ren from Star Wars, a shiny armored Mewtwo from Pokemon Go and what would be my weirdest request, He-Man and Skeletor dancing from the scene from Dirty Dancing. It was even made into a commercial a couple of years ago. I had a lot of fun with it and as a bonus, drew the Eternain Throne Room.

A few weeks later came Power-Con in Anaheim, CA. This is one of my favorite conventions because it is a Masters of the Universe convention and I'm such a He-Man nerd. So between Planet Comicon and Power-Con I had new Masters of the Universe prints. I added Scareglow from Masters of the Universe Revelations on Netflix, a new classic She-Ra, Orko with Cringer, and one of my favorites, Clawful. I was put into the entrance hall so there was quite a bit of traffic however everyone would quickly move past to get to the event room where all the booths were at. I'm thinking next year I'll look into a merchandise booth and have more than prints but we will see.

So now we are here starting in November and the end of the year will be here before we know it. All of my commissions have been mailed out and I have a couple of projects I would like to finish by the end of the year. Before Christmas is really the goal.

Moving forward, while I have been trying to pick up more hours at my day time job I'm finding it difficult to do so. The flip side to that coin is that I will be able to focus more on Illustrations by Pat and be able to do it on a semi-full time. Currently I have started putting together a webstore which I will have connected to this website once it is live. You will be able to order prints that I have had available, and new prints and/or merchandise, as well as commissions. I'll have more on the webstore as it gets closer to launch. I will be able to put time into my own properties and stories that was supposed to be part of this website even. Overall I will be able to put in the time to now grow and evolve as an independent artist with my own creations so it's finally time to see what that's going to look like.


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