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Convention Announcements

It's time I get this out there.

Find me at Planet Comic-Con in the artist alley.

Bartle Hall Convention Center, Kansas City, MO

August 20 - 22 2021

Buy tickets at

Planet Comic-Con is the largest comic book and pop culture convention not just in the Kansas City area, but within this entire region of the Midwest. It has a 20 year history, with the first Planet Comicon Kansas City being held in Overland Park, KS in March 1999. The 2021 show is our 21st show and will be held at Bartle Hall in downtown Kansas City. We will be adding information as the show approaches to help you find out more about what is offered at Planet Comicon Kansas City.

"What can I expect to find?"

Find prints of pop culture characters such as Pokemon, comic characters, video game characters, Masters of the Universe as well as your chance to grab some new prints being taken to Power-Con, and maybe some original works.

Find me at Power-Con

Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA

September 11 - 12 2021

Buy tickets at

Whether you are a fan of the original Masters of the Universe toyline all the way to Netflix’s new She-Ra and the Princesses of Power — POWER-CON unites the passionate fandom of all things He-Man and She-Ra. Planning for 2021 is moving forward and hope remains strong! Everyone wants to get back to a sense of normalcy. But, your safety is more important. So, we will follow the guidelines set in place by California as we gear up for the show. Hopefully we’ll all be back together September 11 & 12, 2021!

"What can I expect to find?"

Masters of the Universe is par for the course here. Find returning prints as well as all new prints celebrating all eras of Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power from the Filmation cartoon, The New Adventures, the Mike Young Productions from 2002, and Netflix including the all new Masters of the Universe Revelations!

Welcome back to convention season!


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