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Power-Con Part 2! (Finally)

8 months later and we finally have an update and part 2 of my previous blog. So buckle up because not only will we be talking about my personal experience last time but also this year, what's planned, and what's the reality.

So 8 months ago I went to Anaheim, CA for Power-Con. It was my time there and my first time working a convention. I was so glad that I wasn't alone. My "business partner" then is my girlfriend. Her name is Kay. She helped run the booth when I was busy running around on the convention floor because I was just as much a fan as I was a vendor. While I'm an introvert, she's not. So she made a world of a difference and I couldn't have picked a better person to take with me. She was fearless. Not only did she help calm my nerves, I felt like I brought a little bit of home with me.

The road to Power-Con wasn't without it's own adventure. Denver, CO stands out because when we landed in the airport and decided to grab a bite to eat at the airport as we awaited out long layover to Los Angeles. That took a turn for he worse because Kay had an allergic reaction to the food. After not finding anything open to buy some kind of medicine I found myself at the information desk who then called for medical attention. A long story short we were taken to a local Denver hospital so Kay could get treatment where she was fine but then we found ourselves in a bit of a pickle. See, the airport personnel told us that the airport would transport us back or give us a cab voucher to get back to the airport. The hospital informed us that was not the case so there we were, stuck. We got online and found a bus route because for some reason I couldn't get Uber to work on my phone. We had all of our luggage and trekked several blocks to find a bus station. One questionable bus ride later to a bus station where someone was killed on the tracks and we were back off to the airport to finally get enough sleep without missing our plane.

Once we got to Anaheim it was time to relax. We managed to get a great hotel for a great price that was only a short walk to the convention center. Oh wait, what did I say about relaxing? It wasn't my idea but we were then walking to Downtown Disney. Reluctant at first it was a lot of fun. I will tell you that no matter how you feel, Disney is apparently always the answer. We didn't make it to the park but it was still well worth it.

Then Power-Con came and went. (Read Power-Con Part1 for that.) I well tell you I geeked all over the place. I met people from social media who I've been following for some time. I met Rudy Obrero whom I've LOVE his depiction of Battlecat since I was little. I met Pixel Dan who is a youtuber who I've followed for years. I made new friends and overall it was a pleasant experience.

The night before we were to fly back out we went back to Downtown Disney and enjoyed dinner, each other's company, and fireworks. We tried to make it into the park that evening but it just wasn't in the cards. Oh well, there's always next time. :)

Power-Con 2020

Power-Con 2020 is scheduled to take place August 8th and 9th, again in Anaheim, CA. Currently we are all waiting to hear back from them as there is an update coming soon.

Posted April 17th on the Power-Con website they made a post acknowledging that the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) has been postponed until 2021 due to Covid-19 and the need for social distancing. Putting 150k people together in a convention center for SDCC from all over the country and the world could very well intensify the Covid-19 pandemic we are all in. At this time the update we are all waiting on is if Power-Con will still continue this year. Right now they have halted all purchases of Attendee presales and Exhibitor payments.

In my own personal opinion and foresight (for as much as I want to be wrong), I do not see a way that Power-Con will continue this year. Los Angles, CA has stated that large gatherings such as concerts and sport events will probably not happen until 2021. While this doesn't specify any kind of convention it's the idea of the social gathering that is the real issue. No Power-Con doesn't pull in the numbers that a convention like SDCC pulls in because it is a very niche convention. It's unfortunate because this year is the 35th anniversary of She-Ra Princess of Power so it was a cause for celebration however; I do not think this will happen this year.

Now, as I said this is only my prediction and I very much hope that I am wrong. That being said if I am wrong then I've got a lot of work to catch up on print wise. I've got a bunch I've started, only one I'm really happy with so far but that happens. We will wait for the announcement which I hope comes sooner than later. (There seems to be a lot of hopes here.)

If Power-Con 2020 is not to be then I will shift a lot of my plans to the following year of course. I have much longer to prepare for 2021 which could result in a few awesome things that I have up my sleeve. Only time will tell.

I'll update again once we have a final determination on Power-Con and will continue to update here as time goes on. It's been a really weird time. Everyone seems to be on lockdown however I'm considered an essential employee and have been working 6 days a week and been at work on average 11 hours a day. That obviously takes time but I've been meaning to get some kind of update up and with Power-Con being uncertain it seemed like this needed to become a priority. I'll update you guys soon.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far. You're the reason I do this.


P.S. I would have entertained you with pictures but I can't seem to find those so enjoy text!)

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