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Power-Con 2018

Good morning everyone. I hope everyone has had a good week.


I wanted to talk to you guys about Power-Con. I had wrote in one of my first blogs on this website that Power-Con tables had sold out. It was an opportunity I was sad to have missed but I got myself put onto a list if tables became available again.

Fast forward a couple of months later which is approximately 3 weeks ago, I was contacted by the Power-Con administration to ask if I was still interested in a spot. Of course I was still interested and I got back to them immediately. I was offered a vendors table that was at the entrance to the main hall into the ballroom where the convention is held. Literally everyone entering the convention would walk by my table.

The day came to fill out my vendor application forms and pay for my table. Unfortunately for unforeseen circumstances I had to cancel on them. It wasn't a decision I made lightly and it was a very frustrating set back.

While it is a setback I am keeping myself open to additional conventions to attend. I had considered TF-Con and currently am thinking about Planet City Comic-Con. These conventions will help broaden scope to include comic style, anime, and unload some Pokémon which are really fun to do.

I hope you enjoy some of the Masters of the Universe characters that are still coming, Power-Con or not.


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