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Dropping a Website and Wix

I created a website to be an all inclusive catalog of my works.

Previously I've tried to do so by maintaining a blog over at blogger and creating a website that turned out to be a frustrating venture for me. The blog was quite simple but it didn't allow me to grow in audience or in content the way I wanted to. The website was overall a frustrating experience because I couldn't get the site to look the way I wanted it to or to link pages the way I liked.

Enter Wix. Wix allowed me to created a website for free and customize it the way I wanted and was quite easy to work with. I picked my layout and with a little creativity and ingenuity here you are today.

There are a few cons with creating with Wix. I was not able to have a completely custom URL and it does cost for a web store. Starting out and creating on a budget I was able to buy a new domain from fairly inexpensively. All I had to do was set up a forward with Godaddy to link you here. A web store will be handled the way of Wix allows me to link the page for free thus saving me their web store fees.

Overall creating though Wix was a simple easy way to create a website that functions in a way to meet my needs.

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